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Life is good.

Atta boy!


Big smooches to my hubby ... he got two great offers on Friday and today decided to go with a six-month-to-hire consulting position with GMAC - yeah, the financing company. He'll be creating some new big Linux-based system for them.

Now we just cross our fingers that this little gamble pays off and he gets invited onboard full-time in six months! Even if he doesn't, the job will be a huge boost to his resume, and the hourly rate is fabu.

Way to go, Babe!!




Susan (MC mom)

Congrats to you DH and to you. I know stress can be killer!


Yay Marc!

If he helped you design this blogging set-up, he's a genuius. Even if he didn't, I know he's gotta be a great guy, b/c he's married to you :)

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