> door co / track 2009

there it is! the beginning of vacation!!

you bet your bippy we're welcome to door county. amen.

more water. my dad always made fun of me because wherever we went, i took pictures of water. at least i'm consistent.

autumn colors and cornfields. bliss.

rounding the bend and watching the waves. heading into bailey's harbor.

the view from our room. adirondacks, gray water, and the colors of fall = perfection, in my world.

tuesday morning ... the first day of relaxation.

13 years and we're still cute. okay, marc's cute. i'm still the stubby one.

across the street from our inn. how americana is this?? love it.

heading north. marc loved the windy roads. i loved shooting through a windshield covered with bug guts.

at the very tip of door county, getting ready to drive onto the washington island ferry.

i loved watching these fishermen. they spent the entire half hour ferry ride readying their boat.

this couple spent the entire ride reading the paper.

as did this couple. pansies. they should have experienced the brisk air and wind chill, like we did.

it was pointed out to us that this is the lighthouse for "death's door." lots of shipwrecks in that part of the lake. good to know.

coast guard. that makes me feel better than the idea of sailing into the waters of doom.

washington island.

more through-the-windshield shots. washington island was beautiful.

we stopped here for lunch. they were all out of lawyers, also known as burbots. why are they called lawyers? forgot to ask. maybe they're bottom-feeders. if that's the case, i'm glad they were unavailable.

so we had perch and whitefish instead. and ... wow. so, so good.

no service. first time marc's ever seen that on his iphone. which, in door county, is known as "ipaperweight."

loved this old shake machine.

something about the juxtaposition of a deer head and a compact fluorescent bulb made me giggle.

swans. this was just before they all dove head-first into the water. presumably to moon me.

new coast guard house.

i was enamored with the old light. strange little things appeal to me. the shake machine ... this light ... marc ... (just kidding. he's not little.)

custom-fitted apple foam at the seaquist orchard. fancy.

when they say "caramel apple," they MEAN caramel apple.

we stopped in sister bay to take a walk on the seawall and check out the boats. as we got closer to the edge, we kept hearing these loud splashes. turns out, the salmon were trying to leap out of the water ... poor dears were confused. what an amazing sight, though.

spot the salmon, fully airborne.

there were some nice boats in door county. like, bigger than our first house.


hello, dream house.

at al johnson's swedish restaurant, you can get swedish pancakes, swedish meatballs, and a swedish lawnmower.

this turned out to be the vacation of the hat. we tried on so many hats. why? that's a really good question. to which i do not have an answer.

but how cool are the hats?

trolls. nice.

marc thought this guy looked like he needed a hat, too.

ephraim. beautiful.

marc and i saw this church at the same time and said, simultaneously, "cool church!" we took that as a sign to pull over.

if i was catholic, i think st francis might be my favorite saint.

major geode. we took this pic for henry, who was very impressed when he saw it.

fish creek at dusk. so pretty.

dinner at helsinki's was ... not what i was hoping. dessert at helsinki's was another story. pumpkin cheesecake on a ginger cookie crust with whipped cream, cinnamon and apples (i ate the apples first). fan-freaking-tastic.

wednesday was the first day of rain. all day. lots of it. but the morning was just misty and foggy ... perfect for a quiet walk with a camera. (quiet = marc still in bed at this point.)