... and then it was december.
day 4, 5, & 6 with snowflake

snowflake cometh

the minute thanksgiving was over, harper started in on, "we have to find the elf book so my elf can come back everyone else has their elf already and i don't and we need to find that book so we can read it and my elf can come back and where! is! my! book?!"

five times a day. every day.

i knew it was in the bins of xmas decorations, so i spent two days going through them, knowing the elf and book needed to be found by november 30th ... but no elf. no elf book. crap.

so i did what i always do in times of need, when something important is lost and my brain cannot manage to figure out where i put said thing: i borrowed st anthony from my catholic friends. and lo ... within 15 minutes, i'd found that stupid elf AND the book. the elf was in the xmas stuff ... wrapped in a tree skirt, and the elf book was in the kitchen with the cookbooks. duh.

props to st anthony.

harper came home from school to find the book on her bed - on november 30th. relief and glee returned.

that night, while getting ready for bed, harper found barbie blankets and a barbie nightgown and gray kitty (snowflake's favorite stuffed animal), and got a comfy place all ready for snowflake's arrival. she even told marc that i was not to go in and check on her when i got home (i was at a neighbor's for girls' night), because snowflake might be flying around, and if i caught her or accidentally bumped into her, her magic would be lost and i would have, essentially, ruined harper's christmas.

yes, that was the thought going through her mind.

the next morning, much to harper's extreme joy (at 6 a.m.), snowflake had not only arrived, but she got into that nightie, crawled under those blankets, snuggled that kitty, and left a "hey, how are ya?" note for harper.

encouraged, harper then laid out a lovely outfit, a fake present, barbie ear buds, and plastic carrots, just ... you know ... in case.

yesterday morning, harper was once again up at 6ish, ready to find that elf. obviously anticipating the early wake-up call, snowflake wisely chose to stay in harper's room, and brought another note for her. downside: harper was so excited about the note that she came into our room after reading it, begging to read it to us. at 6ish.

Day2today, harper had a harder time finding snowflake. she looked "everywhere," she claimed, and no snowflake. so i told her that snowflake would turn up, and to please get dressed and brush her hair and teeth and come down for breakfast. five minutes later, harper runs downstairs ... still in jammies, hair wild, yelling, "snowflake is IN the medicine cabinet! and she's holding that thing you use to look at my expander, and gray kitty is holding my chapstick! ha! isn't that funny?"

yup. it's funny.

and it's only day three.


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