day 4, 5, & 6 with snowflake
snowflake - days 11 through 16

snowflake brought the north pole with her

to get up to speed, on friday we found snowflake and gray kitty hanging with the snowman crew:

saturday morning, snowflake was a bit trickier. as in, harper was totally freaked out that snowflake wasn't here. turns out, harper just didn't look in the basement:

i guess snowflake assumed that harper could look harder on a saturday. bad assumption.

so sunday, she was a bit more obvious: she held a braveheart-type meeting with some littlest pet shop warriors:

harp was so excited about that that she colored (half-heartedly, per her norm) a picture for snowflake and folded it up and laid it on the table beside her. snowflake must be more impressed by harper's skill than i am, because she put that picture on the fridge for this morning:


the best thing snowflake did over the weekend, though, was bring some of the north pole back to minnesota with her.

we had been hearing since thursday that snow was coming, and when i went to bed at midnight on saturday, it was indeed coming down. and didn't stop for the next 19 hours.

we woke up to a world of white on sunday.

before lunch, we sent the boy out to shovel ...

(okay, both boys ...)

and harper tried (again, half-heartedly) to make a snowman.

she quickly gave up and went exploring instead.

when the driveway was done, marc went inside to thaw, and henry and harper made snowcones out of snow and sunny d ...

then they stayed out to roll around in the white stuff while we made lunch (mini quiches and cheese & crackers ... perfection), and then we used the snowy day as an excuse to finally decorate the tree.


and a few hours later, we all went back out for round two of shoveling. we got about 11" in all ... more than all of last winter's snowfall combined.

we may get a real winter this year. and that makes us all happy.

so, thanks, snowflake, for bringing our missing holiday spirit back to us. i guess all we needed was snow.



So happy you got all that beautiful snow but couldn't you have sent even a little my way? Some friend!

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