snowflake cometh
snowflake brought the north pole with her

day 4, 5, & 6 with snowflake

(i just can't update snowflake every day. i'm not that kind of girl.)

snowflake's visit continues to bring harper joy each morning ... with all the "where is she?" ... "how'd she get there?" ... "isn't she amazing?"

on snowflake's fourth day here, she and gray kitty hung out on the ceramic deer head on the mantle all day.

on the fifth day, snowflake was a bit trickier: she and gray kitty took a swing on the mudroom ceiling light.

we were under harper's strictest orders all. day. long. that we couldn't turn on the light because it would burn and/or blind poor snowflake and gray kitty. which made it really interesting to come home from swimming at 6 p.m. and put away shoes and coats in near pitch darkness.

today, day six, harper awoke and immediately checked downstairs for her elf ... and found that snowflake had painted her a picture in the middle of the night. harper had painted her own picture before bedtime (of tulips and ants and a solar eclipse and an alien in a spaceship. true story.) and failed to pick up those paints, so snowflake got artsy, too. thus inspiring harp to wonder what else she could leave out for snowflake at the end of the day ...

regardless, harper was thrilled with her picture.

tonight: henry's first swim meet with the high school/junior high team; his first school dual meet. he's excited, i'm excited, harper's griping about having to go.

maybe snowflake can bring her some cheese to go with that whine tomorrow.


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