time flies
a little bit of busy

here we go again.

6 a.m. alarm = summer is officially over.

nevermind that it's 218 degrees outside with 40,000% humidity, because the kids are once again in school.

Backinschool copy
i got up this morning and made henry an egg & cheese & bacon burrito (yes, i fried that bacon just for him at 6 a.m. ... hope he doesn't expect that to last.), while he got ready and gathered his things. there were definitely a few more nerves this morning than last year, not sure why. i predict he'll be totally fine by third hour, once he's seen all of his friends and gotten the hang of being in the halls with the masses of puberty again.

i forced him to sit for a first-day-of-school photo ...

and he was gently reminded that i will do that every first day of school until college. and even then, if he stays within a 90 mile radius, i still may show up on his doorstep.

after that, we sat on the steps and chatted for 10 minutes. he was in no rush to go to the corner. we just talked. and it was nice. he's such a good kid.

the bus came, and he left, and i turned around to start the process over again with harper, while marc went back to bed.

instead of a burrito, there were pancakes. (not homemade ... she doesn't like those. they were the mini frozen buttermilk ones from the local market.) and then i made her lunch: chicken and smoked gouda and avocado on a spinach wrap (totally by request) and baby carrots. and there may have been something special put in the lunchbox when she wasn't looking.

and then it was time for a first-day-of-school photo, and she happily complied ...

then she trotted off into the yard to look for bugs and check out the dew on the grass. until the bus showed up 10 minutes early. and no one was at the bus stop. and suddenly all the kids and camera-wielding parents came running.

apparently, no one but the bus driver got the memo.

but by 8:02, they were both gone. an hour later, marc was gone, too.

and i checked the news. and facebook. and read a couple of design blogs. and ate an apple. and comtemplated taking a shower and running to the grocery store. By. My. Self.

i might be sad and lonely later. but by then, they will both be home and be so excited to share all about their first day. and i will get them a snack and listen to their stories.

and then the next nine months will fly by.



Happy first day of school, mama. :) Wonderful pics. Enjoy your solitude for the next several hours!



I was so sad when Kaitlyn was freshman in college and I asked her to have someone snap a picture of her on her first day. she said I was crazy, she wouldn't even take one of her self in the mirror....sigh... and now she is a junior in college. How did that happen...oh well I still have Emily for my first day of school fic. (but only for a while) Enjoy it!!


Yay for first days! I'm excited for you! And I see nothing wrong with first day of school pics for college kids. Especially.when.they.won't.move.out.of.my.house

So, where were we? I hope you are enjoying your week and making the most of it. Or just laying around listening to the quiet. I only get 2 days without any kids and I cherish them!

lisa truesdell

woohoo for 1st days!!!

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