here we go again.

a little bit of busy

we're entering into a period of about ten days of crazy. so i'm starting it off with my own personal moment of zen: my little girl, in the empty lots behind our house, surrounded by yellow. (i won't mention how UNzen-like that experience was ... trying to get a photo of the two kids together in the flowers, being all happy and loving, except they were being anything but.)

there's a lot going in the next ten days, then i have big plans for more busy around the house for the next couple of months after that. i just sent our one-year-walk-through repair list to the builder (can't believe we've been here for a year already!), and once those things are done, i'm setting forth on projects such as hanging some shelves ... and art ... and shelves with art. and building bookshelves. and hopefully finally getting the front room (wii) room outfitted with furniture instead of miscellaneous moving boxes of random crap that belongs nowhere. i've been very patiently biding my time and making plans, but now is time for action.

duhn duhn duhn.

but first: oooohhhhmmmmm.



Fall nesting...take one!

I will look forward to seeing what you are up to.

This picture is just beautiful. Hopefully you won't remember the backstory in years to come.

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