gone (went) fishin'
here we go again.

time flies

in two weeks, the kids will be sent back to school.

(no, i will not apologize for not boo hooing about that. they need school. i need school. school is good.)

right now, we are trying to find something productive and interesting to do with our days to get us through. we've hit the apathetic level with our days and outing ideas. now, play dates seem to be the big thing to keep it sane around here. there are a few plans left on the docket, but we'll see how things pan out.

however, as i look ahead to harper starting second grade and henry starting seventh, i can't help but think how quickly the past seven years have gone. most days the kids are content being with each other, hanging out, playing on the computer or talking about the computer. (typically, mine craft is the topic of conversation.) and, really, they've always been happy to be with each other.

but i know that may start to come to an end. the gap in their ages - and, to be fair, their gender - will widen in the coming years.

harp already gets weepy when she thinks of henry going off to college and leaving her, but i don't have the heart to tell her that he will probably pull away from her sooner than that.

they may still come together over computer games or whatnot, but the more likely scenario is that he'll continue to get into his own things, he won't want to hang out with his little sister, his schedule will keep him away from us more, adolescent hormones will kick in and he'll withdraw from us (and she will become an even bigger drama queen; god save us all.), there will be friends and jobs and swimming and girls ...

and harper will always be five years behind.

no, i'm not excited to think of the drama of the coming years. however, i know that on the other end of that, they will both become adults, and suddenly the age gap will disappear. and they will be closer than ever.

knock on wood.


i'm just not in a rush for that "growing up" to happen as quickly as it has already.



First, I must say these photos are really wonderful - so natural and happy and lovely. Second, don't forget that Harper will also soon have a life, as friends become more important and activities take more of a priority for her. She won't really be left behind, she'll just be taking a path of her own, as well. It really does work out that way! This was a very sweet post, and really echoes how I felt when my two were small (they're now 22 & 15).

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