that's my boy
so ... the "exciting" stuff

now that's something you don't see every day

yesterday evening we were wiped out. exhausted. the weekend had been exhausting, the past two weeks had been exhausting, and we were just done. (i'll let you in on what was so exhausting in the next day or so. it's pretty exciting stuff, actually.) so we made snack dinner (crackers, cheese, apple slices, etc.), watched some recorded olympics, and vegged until about 8 o'clock. at that time, i told harper she needed to pick bath or shower, and she chose shower in the basement bathroom. so i got her going, the boys headed upstairs to get cleaned up, and i wandered out to the sliding doors in the basement to look out over the yard. and that's when i saw the hot air balloon.

now, we see hot air balloons quite often, actually. they are always off in the distance, aross the lake, small balloons miles away. we watch them float and think about how fun it would be. this balloon last night was not like that. it was big. it was close. like, ON the lake. the lake that is just down the hill from our house.

so i went into the bathroom and told harper to chop chop, that she needed to hurry so she could see something cool. then i ran upstairs to get my camera and yell at the guys to tell them what i saw. they yelled back, "we're in henry's room and we can see both of them!"


from my angle in the basement i could see only one balloon. however, when i got upstairs i saw that there were, indeed, two.


realizing just how cool this was, i ran to the basement, pulled harp out of the shower, wrapped a towel around her and said, "hold on to the towel ... we're going outside!" and out we went ... into the backyard to watch, in amazement, as these balloons hovered ever closer to us.

and as we stood there, the blue one appeared to come straight for our neighborhood. it approached the house down the street from us and seemed to lower.

then it lifted and came straight for our house. i could hear marc and henry talking and yelled to see if they were still in henry's room. they said they were, and they couldn't believe how close the balloon was getting.

it drifted, literally, right over harper's and my head. we waved and yelled hello. they waved and yelled hello back to us. i took a photo of them ... they took a photo of us.

and then that balloon drifted right. over. our. house. marc said he was eye-to-eye with the people in the basket, then they lifted over the roof, maybe ten feet above henry's room.

just when we thought it couldn't get more amazing ... that balloon landed across the street. in the park.

so harper and i ran inside, she bolted up to her room to put clothes on (remember ... she was still wrapped in a bath towel at this point.), and we ran out the front door ... marc already in pajama pants. (which, if you know marc, you know that Never Would Happen under normal circumstances). as we crossed to the park, we looked back to see where the other balloon had gone. it had made it as far as the back part of our neighborhood.

the entire neighborhood descended upon the park. kids were running everywhere, all the adults were mingling, telling their "when i noticed the balloon" stories and sharing photos they'd taken, all while we watched the balloon deflate and the crew and passengers disembark.

marc had wandered over to talk to the pilot, and discovered he'd been piloting balloons for years, and has set 20 world records over his career. so naturally, marc got a brochure.

when all the excitement was over, everyone started to head back home. there was one last look at where the other balloon had landed, and then it was over.

but all of our weariness had disappeared. we'd been amazed, delighted, astounded, inspired.

what a great way to end the weekend.



Well, that is more than a little cool! Also, I will never, ever tire of seeing pictures of that aqua glider on your porch.


How cool! Now that's a fun summer evening ;)

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