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jan/feb memory makers now available!

the first issue of memory makers for 2009 is on newsstands, and with it is my first article as a contributing editor! (yay!)

in deference to the calendar, the "tell your story" article for this issue is on writing love letters. but we all know how to write a letter to our significant other or child or best friend, right? this article challenges you to go beyond the obvious and express your love for the other things and people in your life. your favorite shoes ... the lady who makes your morning starbucks ... payday ...

my love letter was to super target, and all the bliss it brings to my life.


to whom or what will your write your love letter? and if you scrap it, please let me know!!

doing some pretend shopping

marc's watching "battlestar galactica" and i'm just not in that place tonight. my heart is in anaheim, drinking multiple cocktails and laughing for hours with my girls after a full day of walking around cha and getting inspired by all the new scrappy goodies coming out soon. but i'm not there. alas.

but i am in the place to do a little fake shopping with not-real money.

here we go:

these are totally cool ...


these dishes should really be in my cupboard ...


right next to these ...


with all these dishes, i'd better do some cooking. so this must be mine ...

i badly need this lamp ... (and the view, too, please)


and lots and lots of these, in lots and lots of colors ...


and, of course, some art for the wall ...


this coat would be lovely, especially the blue one ...


and i think i'll need these boots ...

and a little un-blingy bling ...

and i guess i should get something for marc. that would be nice of me ...


okay. the cylons lived to face another day. time for bed.

thank you!!

harper and i looked through all the links you guys sent, and i let her pick her fave. so lindsay -

Amy Coose, over at SC just shared Dinah Wakely's BLOG with me. This is the LO we both loved . . . .(Baby Grins)

Posted by: Lindsay G

thanks to you, i'll be doing a little scrappin' action tonight!!

speaking of action, care to see my girl doing what it is she does best? that is, be girly and twirly and full of sass?


she runs to her room, puts on the leotard and tutu, then dances around the house with full-on dramatics and hand flair. today was her first tumble/dance class at little gym and she LOVED it, but i was in the doghouse for not having her shoes. (even though i was told she didn't need shoes for the first class. and then every other girl, in fact, DID have shoes.)

i can't win.

something else my kids are now doing: signs on the doors.

IMG_0287 IMG_0291

harper came up with the idea of making a "don't bother me" sign for her door, so henry helped. then he did one for his own door.

see the "kid who listens"? yeah ... i wish i had two of those. even one would be nice.

what else can i share? oh yeah ... harper's tumbling class had their session-end performance last week. harper, of course, did her own thing.

IMG_0313 "sky-diving" instead of doing a v-sit ...

IMG_0316 being a "bridge" while everyone else is listening ...

IMG_0356 dancing, instead of being a caterpillar on the beam ...


IMG_0363 this indicates nothing ... it's just kinda cool.

okay, then. there's a crazy little post for you. and lindsay - congrats, and thank you!

i need your help!! (free book involved)

my mojo has flown the coop.



i scrapped over the weekend. finally. but i stood at the table and shuffled stuff around and just wasn't feeling it. at all. not even a little.

the page isn't bad, per se, it just lacks ... something.

so here's where you get to help me. link me up to a recent layout that tickles your fancy. or is your all-time favorite page. it can be something you created or the work of someone else. but link it in the comments. tomorrow (tuesday) at 5 p.m. CST i will select one to scraplift and refire my mojo, and the person i select will win a copy of "your words, your story," because i will be eternally grateful to whomever gets my juices flowing again!!

so, go NOW! peruse your gallery or your bookmarks and show me a page that makes you giddy!! (and just one per person, please!)

wanna hear a joke?

why does snoop dog have a pooper-scooper?




fo' shizzle!

get it?

i heard that on the radio this morning and just giggled. maybe i shouldn't have. it isn't a very good joke.

yeah, it kind of it.

oh, and it snowed today.


wanna hear another joke? did you hear the one about the man car vs the snow?


(sorry, marc. i couldn't resist.)



the conditions weren't the best, henry wasn't his most cooperative, and i hadn't yet even cracked open the manual to figure out how to set all the custom functions i've been using for years, but i couldn't wait. the first shot with my new baby, the 5d mark II.

butter, people. like butter. sooc and still buttery.

i had to shoot henry - he was img_0001 back in '04 when i got the 20d:


it was only fitting that i shoot him first. even if he is four years older and four years less cooperative and into being mommy's little practice prop. but whatever.

i need to spend some time with the manual and getting to know all the new-fangled technology this puppy has, but it'll be so worth it.

i took a shot of my mother-in-law's wreath in near-darkness at iso 6400 and my lens wide open ... and there is nary a grain of noise. just beautiful.

and it's been torturing me to not take pix of everything in sight, but it's been a killer few days. will perhaps recap soon. or not. some things are best left back in '08. and the first three days of '09. where they belong.

i will, however, leave you with a shot from yesterday, when we were trying desperately to just. get. home. and ended up stranded at a holiday inn 90 miles from home due to ice. marc went to get some bottled water, and i told the kids they had five minutes to get out all their crazies from the long day in the car before daddy came back and commanded us all to bed. at 7:30. wearing the clothes on our backs. it was dark, the hotel room was ill-lit, and the kids were moving rather quickly. and yet ... shots came out pretty darn clear.


i'm in love.

and i'm off to bed. see you tomorrow.

home has never felt so good.