i tried so hard not to laugh
baby on the brain

it's scrap'n time!

that's the name of my friend's kit club web site ... scrap'n time. i was being witty.

i was also being her guest designer for the month of november.

(see how i try to tie stuff together? with whatever tenuous threads i can find?)

the kit will go up this week, but i wanted to post some sneakies before then. just, because.

Guestdesigndetail1 Guestdesigndetail3
Guestdesigndetail2 Guestdesigndetail4

if you like crate paper's prudence line, you just might like molly's kit this month. that's all i'm sayin'.



I cant wait to see the final products! And read my new book!

Heather Prins

oooo I cant wait to see the layouts!


these look GORGEOUS!!!


congratss I love those colors together I can imagine how pretty the final photo will be!


Loven the little bling.

(See what I did? I tied in the n from Scrapn. I tell you! Im crazy like that...)

(Sorry about that...apparently I have hit the wall in my ability to maintain some sort level of personal dignity.)


Loven the bling and the scallopy cut things.

(See what I did? I tied in the n from Scrapn. I tell you! Too crazy!)

(Sorry apparently I have hit the wall in maintaining some level of personal dignity.)


Where did my post go?

Did you kick off the Totalitarians?

catherine feegel-erhardt

could those colors be more YOU ?
PERFECT choice for the guest designer... for many reasons but THAT one is first!


Beautiful glimpses of what is to come. :o)

catherine feegel-erhardt

do you REALLY have SNOW already?
holy mother of flakes
82 degrees today... slurp!
miss you.

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