baby on the brain
egads!! it's wednesday, isn't it???

damn, it feels good to be a gangsta.

well, maybe not a gangsta. but "office space"/that song is in my head right now ... last night i was doing some christmas shopping for the men in my life on and saw all these brilliantly funny "office space"-inspired gifts (such as this), and then a few minutes ago i was browsing the memory makers web site and noticed that my book is being debuted this week (!!), then i thought, "hey ... i should blog all this to pimp my book!" ... and then "pimp" became "damn, it's good to be a gangsta." (my brain is frightening. i realize that.)

don't know what i'm talking about? here (... but only if you're immune to naughty words. or not at work.):

and then, to the pimpage: feast your eyes on this and this!! and some friends blogged, too! and i believe there is an interview going up tomorrow, possibly a q&a session on, and a giveaway!! so, so much ... gasp.



stephanie Howell

im so excited about your book!! congratulations. and i love that song. im a rap girl believe it or not!


damn, it feels good to hear that song, lol.


Sue Thomas

What an exciting time for you, Michele!!!! Congratulations!!!!!


I need a red stapler. :o)

I love hearing your excitement and look forward to all to come. Congrats again...I cannot wait to see your book.

Crystal Jeffrey Rieger

now i have it in my head too....:)
so glad you are enjoying this moment. you totally deserve it!

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