wait ...
announcement time:

ask me what i did today ...


now ask me if, 24 hours ago, i knew i would be shooting a wedding today ...

BwIMG_0956 it was so great, though. the bride and groom were adorable - post-marriage, the bride's name is katie cady. how cute is that? the bridesmaids looked gorgeous and carried amazing flowers. the groomsmen were great sports. i'll post more later and tell you the whole story, but now i need to head to bed. tomorrow: art fair at loring park. with the kids. and 90+ degree weather. bring it.



Oh man I just love the flowers she chose. Great shots too. Look at you, shooting on the fly. Can't wait to see more.

Jessica Tuchtenhagen

oh my word! you already have your blog updated!? good grief, you are quick. It was great shooting with you today, a great big thanks to you...and your family for rearranging your plans. Have a good time at the art fair tomorrow.

Sarah W

I love shooting Weddings, they are so much and totally romantic. Aww I miss it. I need to start it again.

Susan Weinroth

and now i am dying to hear the story....
oh, and im jealous of art fair + loring park...


They chose well! Looking forward to getting together soon!


Man, Michele, I want to get married again so you can come and shoot my wedding...


Summer Fullerton

oh your photos are stunning and so inspiring I must come be one with you and absorb your talent ... and yes eat pie too ;) XO XO XO


By the way, I thought you should know when ever I check your blog I always end up leaving it up and openning a new window for what ever else I'm going to do just so I can keep listening to your music here.

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