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i'm off like a prom dress.

sigh ... my prom dress ... borrowed from my cousin, dyed-to-match shoes, and a size 5. those were the friggin' days, let me tell you.


but i digress.

in about nine hours the kids and i will be out the door on a six-hour adventure by ourselves to chicago. to meet marc. and then head to indy. and then marc and i head to boston. where i'll go to an art museum, an aquarium, a couple of walking tours, poke around concord and revolutionary war cemeteries, etc. while marc works. then we'll be back in indy. and we'll go to a ball game with my friend kimber. then the kids and i will go to my parents'. and marc will go to dallas. and then we'll come home.

and i will have lots of stories and photos. and maybe the energy and gumption to blog. cuz i just haven't been feelin' it lately.

but for now, all the laundry is done, bags are packed, toll money is gathered, directions to the hotel are printed, garbage is taken out, neighbor girl is on house- and cat-sitting duty, and i'm ready to go. to bed.

see ya on the flip side.


what a week!

tgif. so very.

the week itself seemed very, very long ... or maybe it's just because i have been very, very tired ... but it's ending well.

157 yesterday was henry's last day of second grade. to celebrate, we took him and harper to bonfire for lunch, where they made their own pizzas and picked out a sucker, then headed to mall of america to ride rides in the nickelodeon universe park. we haven't spent much time in the park since it changed over from camp snoopy, but i have to say that i like it. it's clean, fresh, more open, and the nick characters are much more recognizable to my kids than charlie brown.

anyway ...

IMG_9204 IMG_9199 harper wanted nothing to do with the rides ... she only wanted a balloon and to be left alone, so henry went on the carousel, the swings, then marc tried out the new spongebob ride (said it was cool but a little jerky for big people), then we talked henry into going on the orange streak coaster. he LOVED it, and rode it about eight more times ... with marc, with me, by himself, whatever. after that, i went on the ferris wheel with him, then he and marc headed back to the coaster while harper and i made our way to legoland.

where i swear we saw dee snyder.


or maybe not.

we got home from moa just ahead of a nasty storm - saw some great cloud-to-ground lightning not too far away as we were pulling into our neighborhood. and in our mailbox was a congratulatory letter that henry has officially tested into gifted and talented programming come third grade. great way to end the day!

so today has been playing, coloring, lego building, tea parties (harper, not henry), and it's only 1 p.m. henry has a friend coming over in half an hour to play pokemon via gameboys ... times are so very different than when i was a kid having play dates ... and tomorrow we're having friends over for a cook-out. assuming the rain stays away.

and with that, summer has officially begun.

i got my scrappy on!

it's been awhile ... like, since my final deadline ... but i went out with friends over the weekend and scrapped! actual pages! for me!! and even better, i got to use the amazing "newsstand" kit from studio calico. perfection in a box, people. can't wait for june's stuff!! so, anyway, i'm gonna share! it's been awhile since i've done that ... oh, and forgive me the pix. i was in a hurry and wasn't being terribly careful.

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10years Artsycrafty

good conversation with friends ... the sound of a massive hailstorm on the glass ceiling of the park at mall of america ... and glue under the fingernails. what could be better, i ask you?