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yeah. it's not "tomorrow." sorry.

somehow recapping henry's birthday "tomorrow" turned into "next week."


so anyway, yeah. henry's eight. EIGHT. wow. that's almost 10. which is almost teen. which is almost grown up and grown away. good thing he's still a total dork, because it reminds me that while numerically he's growing up too fast, in reality he isn't. he's so, so EIGHT.

we had his birthday party at pump it up for the third year in a row. about 19 of his friends were there to help him celebrate. good kids. they all had a great time. it was a hoot to watch them play ... being EIGHT seems to be a uniform thing. they all acted very similarly.

present-wise, we were once again inundated with legos. nothing wrong with that. the different sets have kept henry busy over the past week. and for his birthday dinner, we had tacos ... henry ate five. just so you know.

all in all, he had a good birthday.

(my focus was off, but amazingly it zeroed in on this kid ... what the heck kind of "funny face" is this?!)


Img_6228_2 Img_6230 Img_6318 Img_6227 Img_6334 Img_6273 Img_6336 Img_6342 Img_6354 Img_6372 Img_6312 Img_6322 Img_6324 Img_6360

and now we move on. my final ... wait, let me say that again ... my FINAL deadline is this week!!!!!!! after that, we get our lives back. i get to finally clean my house and be nice to my kids. and then marc's family arrives in town for harper's birthday (just found that out today), and my family arrives one week later for easter (just got that confirmed today), then we hop on a plane to disneyland for a week for spring break (just realized this is an actuality and i'm a little disoriented. we haven't had a REAL vacation since 1999. we didn't even have KIDS in 1999.). and then? for the love of all things holy, our basement bathroom will *finally* get remodeled. crossing all appendages.

so apparently when i was looking forward to march so life could return to normal, i was off by a month. the roller coaster never ends.

H8 but happy belated birthday to my big kid. i love him.

we watched "princess bride" last night and now he walks around doing the vizzini "death by iocaine poison" laugh-laugh-die because it's the funniest thing he's apparently ever seen.

go figure.

funny kid.

two-fer tuesday

i'm buried in photos right now, but once i emerge i'll write-up henry's BIG BIRTHDAY yesterday!! the dude is now 8!! not possible, but yes. he is.

so to get you through, here are two thoughts for the day:

1. why is it that an airline will keep a plane on the ground for 45 minutes because someone forgot to restock the snacks?! poor marc missed a meeting this morning because of just such an annoyance. it's only six pretzels, people ... just take off!! sheesh. i bet a plane-load of customers were not happy. marc was slightly appeased, though ... he now has enough status that he was upgraded to seat 1A upon check-in. niiiiiice.

2. conversation with harper this weekend:
"mama, you a princess!"
"well, okay. that makes you a princess, too!"
"no, ha-pah not a princess."
"then what are you?"
"i. robot." (in perfect monotone. oh my.)

will post b'day happenings soon!!

oh - how about a tuesday music break? love the original version best, but ryan adams does an amazing job on his cover of "wonderwall." so i'll share, and you can decide.

valentine re-cap

the plan was for the kids to go to school, marc to go to work, i would work, i'd get a shower, after school the kids and i would bake a valentine's cake, and that would be that. well ... that's not quite how it went.

first, marc surprised me with a valentine's gift upon waking: a gorgeous red le creuset dutch oven, which i've been lusting over for, literally, the bulk of our marriage.

so that was the first thing that changed our plans. i immediately had to pull out a recipe and go to the grocery store and make dinner.


see? pot roast a la pioneer woman. ahh ... i love this pot.

then harper decided she didn't want to go to school. i've mentioned before that she no longer sleeps, right? well, that has now boiled over into morning, when she doesn't want to do anything willingly or cooperatively because she's "so, so tired." no kidding. we're ALL tired.

so mommy decided it was time to bake that valentine's cake, because getting work done was obviously not going to happen.


i had found heart-shaped baking pans at target and bought them with this project in mind. however, i'm not a baker. at all. and i've never used silicon bakeware. strike two. and the adorable little springform heart pans ... i had no idea how to divide batter to get everything to work out okay.


this one hit the thermometer in the oven and suffered an injury.


i apparently got this one a little full.

i let them cool most of the day, hoping i could salvage them and make them cute for dinner.

remember dinner?


dessert had to be just as good!

so i sliced off the tops to make everything even ...


and then let the kids loose on them:


see how serious harper is about her work?


hey, harper ... those sprinkles go ON the cake!


no, ON the cake!


that's better.


delicious! well ... at least, i hope it is.


who cares if the cake tastes okay ... it looks adorable!

and dinner? mmm ... so, so good.

after that, we gave little gifts to the kids and watched them giggle and play (yu-gi-oh cards for henry, two dresses for harper's barbie). then it was bath and bed, then "survivor" and "lost" on the couch. around 11 p.m. harper started waking every two minutes and crying ... who knows why. and then she woke and cried about seven more times between 11:30 and 2:30. then woke up at 6:40.

i was just full of love, love, love for her last night.

but valentine's day itself, while not what was planned, was pretty darn good.

and the cake? yum!

sharing some v-day love

just polished off my valentine's day smirnoff ... yeah, my day's been that good ... so now it's time to ascend the stairs back into life. suck it up, michele, and face those humans you spawned for another two hours. sigh.

anyway, since i don't have the energy to post any of the valentine pix i've taken today - a beautiful red le creuset dutch oven from marc (which i had to immediately wash, run to the grocery for food, come home and fill with pot roast), adorable little heart cakes that harper and i made (which were almost a disaster - not surprising, given my aversion to baking), and who knows what else, i'll share this instead. my most favorite love song of all time. the song i obsessed over in high school. the song that makes me happy when nothing else will.

except maybe smirnoff.

and no, i'm not kidding about the song. i love it that much.

i give you, with my warmest valentine's day hugs & kisses, the dead milkmen:

monday stuff

1. are you as obsessed with that beautiful song in the macbook air commercial as i am? well, turns out the whole song is amazing, as is the video. check it out ... yael naim's "new soul." wow.

2. harper-isms that made me laugh today:
"harper, do you want cereal for breakfast?"
"um. i'm probably not really sure, mama ..."

"mama, i need water on my hair. harper has crazy hair. not my favorite best."

(in the car on the way to school ...) "mama, i want 'ha-ha' song. really louder!!" ("ha-ha" song happens to be regina spektor's "fidelity." my kid loves regina spektor. that cracks me up.)

Rszchalastnightgrouppic 3. i'm bumming right now ... i should be in anaheim with my girls, laughing and having the best time. sigh. i'm so sad. i mean, work needs to get done and i made the right decision, but shoot. i'd really love to be laughing and making a million new happy memories right now.

okay ... it's only 9:30 a.m. and i need to get to work. this will have to do for now.


what does my child have against sleep?!

Harpbwrszno more naps. gets out of bed several times each night for a good hour after being put bed at 7:30. wakes up at 6 a.m.

and did i mention she's sick? last night she had a fever of 101 degrees, her nose is all stuffy, she's been dosed with tylenol, and yet ... 6 a.m.

and she won't nap today. she won't even sit on the couch to marinate in her illness and watch shows. nope. she's still bouncing off the walls.

where did she come from?! and why don't they sleep on her planet???

my turn ...

so, i've been tagged. to do a little q&a. as opposed to t&a. cuz trust me, no one wants that.

sorry ... i'm exhausted and punchy. let me start over.

i've been tagged by my girl, diana ... so here i go:

fave sites:
studio calico
pioneer woman
posie gets cozy

challenge faves:
um ... wha ... ? does managing to both get a shower AND shave my legs on the same day count?

guilty pleasures:
triscuits & brie
real estate shows on hgtv
floor plan magazines
buying an armful of new magazines at barnes & noble

babysitting faves:
again ... um, wha ... ? i put my daughter in front of curious george and my son in front of club penguin so i can have 20 minutes of quiet. how's that?

creative fave:
double lattes
vodka tonics
good music
good photos
british decorating magazines

clothing fave:
and this
and this
and these

should i tag someone? um ... how about catherine. have you met catherine? actually, that's only funny to us. or maybe it's not ... we were drinking a lot when it was funny. anyway, she likes tags. i think.

if you offend easily ...

i will warn you now: move along. there's nothing to see here.

if you don't mind the "f" word so much, you think sarah silverman can at times be wickedly funny, and you think matt damon is adorable but didn't know he was comedic, then enjoy this:

and if you watched it and were offended, well, then i guess the disclaimer at the top wasn't clear enough. bygones. i'll be good tomorrow.