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deadline #2: done.


i will now breathe for three days and then get back to work.

hope you all had a fabulous thanksgiving. the kids and i got to have marc for five days in a row ... that was huge. we all needed it.

and marc and i spent one of those days cleaning out the garage and finally finishing moving in, three years after the fact. my car now has a nice warm(er) place to spend the winter, and i don't have to worry about remembering to scrape the car before taking henry to school, thus making us late, and thus lowering the school administration's views of my mothering skills even further, since i'm that mom who always forgets homework and has to make dental appointments in the middle of the day because the children's dental office only takes patients between the hours of noon and three, or something like that.

the garbage men now hate us, salvation army loves us, and there are three computers and two laser printers in the back of the 4runner that need to find a home at the recycle center, but it is all so very worth having room in the garage to actually park.

'tis the season to go insa-ane ...

fa la la la la la la la la ...


this week: marc in chicago; parents arrive wednesday; layouts and paperwork for book untitled michele skinner project need need need to go in the mail; house should probably get cleaned; menu made and groceries bought; maybe drink a little.

next week: marc back to chicago; get cranking on next deadline, which will hit the week after xmas; make sure all xmas shopping is done (that's pretty much taken care of at this point, thank goodness); jpgs due to memory makers for art for upcoming article; marc working to dismantle servers for his side business at one isp, transport them across town, and reassemble them at new isp ... a/k/a "our weekends between now and christmas."

first week of december: marc in california for five days. that's all i have to say about that.

second week of december: marc in chicago; keep working on deadline and cross fingers contributors pull through and get their art to me before we leave for indiana; marc continues to work away our weekends.

third week of december: marc to chicago monday and tuesday; leave wednesday for indiana ... wait ... doesn't that mean i clean up the house, get everything around for eight days, and make sure we don't forget to pack anything for either ourselves or our xmas gifts to everyone else by myself? bring it.

then maybe ... just maybe ... we have a lovely morning in chicago as a family, a lovely visit with our parents and siblings and nieces and nephews for christmas, a nice trip home, a fun weekend at a cabin with some friends for new year's ...

then BAM.

first week of january: my next deadline. and second week of january? marc gone. for the whole week. sigh. i might need another one of those little drinks ...

i highly doubt we'll get around to decorating the tree or getting all handmade gifts done or sending out xmas cards. so enjoy the little photo at the top. that might be as good as it gets from me this year.

fa la friggin' la

a little creepy. a lot cool.

my sister and her hubby are visiting - sort of - right now. matt just returned from iraq last week, so they decided to come up for an impromptu visit since they will miss thanksgiving with us. the military volunteered becca to sing the national anthem on the day after thanksgiving without asking her first. love that.

so anyway, they arrived friday night, we hung out over the weekend and had a great time. marc returned from dc on saturday morning, and sunday we took the kids to the macy's holiday story downtown - the nutcracker. harper is now obsessed.

we were sitting around chatting on sunday and becca said, "i would love to have a close-up photo of my eye to hang in the house." and you know me ... the camera is always handy. i popped the macro lens on and we started playing.

Beceye_2 Matteye Marceye_2 Micheye_2

creepy, right? but also really, really cool. i've decided the human eye is an amazing piece of art and now want to learn more about what makes the iris so spectacular. anyone know of any good books on the subject? hmm ... maybe that should be my next project ... can i trademark it right now, as my idea? because what a neat project that would be. like the snowflake book, only with eyes.

maybe i should stop typing now.

so now becca and matt are on a little jaunt down to lake pepin before they return tomorrow afternoon for the 24-hour remainder of their visit, marc is back in chicago, henry has late start day tomorrow, harper has a playmate coming over, and i have a deadline on thursday.

just another typical laid-back week of nothing but massages, pedis, bon-bons, and anything i darn well please.

no, wait ... that's not right ...

good from bad

it's been a bad day, but seeing these faces make me feel better. how beautiful are these girls??

Rszimg_3523_filtered Rszimg_3551_filtered

older daughter l was a wonderful subject. younger daughter s was worn out from a slumber party the night before and was more reluctant to, well, get out of bed much less smile. but once she climbed a tree and realized i seriously loved her idea to get on the roof, she warmed right up. and mom was a wonderful lady.

older daughter l is also battling a form of stomach cancer, so any spare prayers for this lovely lady would, i'm sure, be welcomed with open arms.

the whole album is here. thanks for a fun session, ladies.

friday inspiration

it's no secret, my big fat girl crush on brandi carlile. the woman is one of the most purely, naturally talented musicians i've heard in a long, long time. evidence: this video. she how she takes one of the most gorgeous songs ever written and makes it completely her own, and on top of that does it 100% accoustic? and yet her voice is pure and perfect the whole time, whether she's near a whisper or wailing?

that's talent.

oh - and i have to share this. found it on wil wheaton's blog. remember him? gordie in "stand by me"? wesley crusher in one of those star trek shows? (star wars fan here ... i know nothing about that trekkie stuff.) anyway, now he's a geek and keeps a lovely little blog. but this made me laugh. hard. and i'm totally doing it next year for halloween. marc agrees. it's called the "pac o'lantern." love it.