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weepies = crappy day balm

it's been a rough one, today.
technology hates me.
letter stickers hate me.
it's not going well.

then this song started playing on my random list of music-to-scrap-to, and i felt a little better.

so i'm sharing it here.
in case today's been a rough one for you, too.

those saints sure come in handy.

thank you, st anthony ... thank you, angels ... thank you, oh holy mother of all things book-related!

catholicism definitely has its perks.

the one place i didn't look for my book? on my desktop.

regardless of how dumb i now feel, i feel infinitely more relieved. and that's all that matters.

thanks to all who helped and prayed!!

i'm not catholic, but ...

isn't there a patron saint of lost things? anthony, maybe?

i need him right now.
i lost my book.

it was updated last friday, and after that i don't know what happened to it.
it's gone.

2,000+ words ... with first deadline coming up next month.

and my geek is in san jose.

so if you're catholic, can you lend me your saint for a few days? cuz i really need him right now.

thank you ever so much.

torch = passed

the 2008 masters were announced today. congrats to each and every one of them! you are in for an incredible year!

i have to admit that it's very sad to see our year end. but the good thing is that i think catherine, katrina, crystal, ronee and i are a unit from here on out. they are just the best and i've truly loved getting to know them this year.

and the experience with memory makers has been fabulous. i never would have taught a class or proposed a book, but because of the past year i actually got the nerve to do both! classes i taught at the great american scrapbook convention went so well, and the journaling classes - which were sort of "test labs" for my book - were so good to do ... it was nice to know where i was on the right track and where else i needed to go.

and gasc brings me back to that glorious week between chicago and grand rapids. okay ... it's a weak segue, but it is what i make it - this is my blog! (ha ha)

i finally got around to putting up the pix from chicago and saugatuck. what an adventure! spending a week with cath was more fun than i ever thought it would be! normally, i'm not one who lives well with people (it's amazing marc and i still sleep in the same room after eleven years ...), but catherine and i just mesh perfectly. what a blast. and i'm even considering changing up spring break next year to be a week at the beach in florida so i can go hang with her and her family for a day or three. (you've talked me into it, girlfriend.)

so enjoy the pix. soak in the loveliness that is saugatuck, michigan. know that it was a happy time.

oh, no. no no no no no.

harper. two days in a row. no nap.

she's upstairs yelling,
"dad! dad! harper all done dark!! harper downstairs! harper out NOW! dad! dad???"

on repeat.

oh hell no. mommy's writing a book ... taking naps out of the equation is not supposed to happen right now. i'll put the child in day care if i have to, but i NEED that 90 minutes a day sans children.

sigh. i can't even express my grief and aggravation right now. it's beyond words.

i will say, though, that it's nice to hear her yelling for daddy. it's usually "mama," but marc put her down for a nap today because i had the pleasure of spending the morning at susan's house eating up the perfection that is mr evan!! what a sweet little man.

i'm befuddled and disillusioned

and it has everything to do with the republican party.

go figure.

this little nugget of wisdom showed up in my inbox this afternoon, courtesy of the nice people at move on.


and yet seven short years later he stood by with his thumb up his ass and let someone do exactly what he just said we shouldn't do. interesting.

where the heck was this clip four years ago??? bush might have had a harder time conning the country out of a democratic election if we'd known this.

sometimes i just don't get how we can still call ourselves a democratic society. i'm very nervous/curious to see what's going to happen in '08. we'll see just how powerful the people really are, i hope.

how can this end badly?


marc was in chicago earlier this week so i decided the kids and i should make a cake.
harper loved the beater, obviously ...


and then we got henry in on the game to help decorate.


they oh so carefully sprinkled on stars and jimmies in a pleasing configuration of sugar.


they got along swimmingly and shared the task quite well.


hey! no eating the sprinkles, miss harper!


heck with this, says harp. i'm dumping these puppies on.
note the eldest-child "that's not how we do it!" look of horror on henry's face.

and what did we do with such a lovely confection?
we ate if for dinner, of course. exclusively.
cuz i'm all about being "fun mommy" every so often.

how can that be bad?

well, maybe by the sugar overload-caused nightmares that kept harper awake and screaming from 2 a.m. till 5 a.m. that night. and the off-kilter-ness it caused the next day. thus leading to me locking us out of the house at the exact minute i had to leave to pick up henry from nasa camp.

luckily my friend traci came over with her van and offered to watch harper while i drove with her two boys to pick up henry. and luckily my neighbor across the street is a "been there done that" kind of guy and was able to jimmy our front door open in about three seconds flat.

and luckily we'd baked that cake. traci took a third of it home as payment for her troubles, as did my handy neighbor.

no more sugar highs.
and no more "fun mommy." it's not a natural role for me.
when i was "fun mommy" with henry, he ended up in the emergency room. when i tried it with harper, none of us slept.
i need to stick to my role as "keeps everyone in line no matter how not fun it really is" mommy.
i'll let daddy pay the price for being the fun one.
that's the way it should be.

the anticlimactic post

okay, so cha was what ... three weeks ago? so much for timely reporting.

screw it. here are the pix. enjoy.

and gasc was the following weekend, right? so i'm late on that, too. i have excuses, of course. first there was that horrible bridge collapse - i didn't feel right posting about scrappy stuff during that time. then marc started backing up and rebuilding my photo file server (yes, marc built me a server for photos. you should know that about us by now!) so i haven't been able to access photos beyond cha, which i sorted out first. photos from chicago and saugutuck, where catherine and i killed a week, and gasc will have to come later, especially since marc's off to chicago and it'll probably be a few days until i have my photo server back.

and now i'm in the process of creating a homecoming brochure for huntington university ... ?? um, yes. i have issues with saying no to people when i know i can do what they want done and don't want to see someone else do it wrong. it's a problem.

anywho ...

to be brief:

Us cha was so much fun. loved hanging out with the effin' w people. (we even had a "handler" for our needs ... justin!! such a nice kid.) loved hanging out with my other masters girls. loved that the horror reunion tour was staying in our hotel and we saw all manner of goth and gore on people in the lobby and bar for three days. and i got to see the guy who played freddy krueger, the guy who played jason in "freddy vs jason," and some weird old guy who looks exactly like freddy (movie freddy, not real life "freddy") who was loving all the attention from naive people who thought he was the real guy. loved meeting  scrappy people who i've only ever previously emailed (courtney! kimber! jane! judi! etc.!)

Fountain chicago, for the afternoon, was great. lunch along the chicago river overlooking the trib building and the new trump tower was great. strolling around grant park and millenium park was lovely. the hotel? not so much. we left a day early.

Saug3 saugutuck, michigan, was perfect. so relaxing. full of boats and art and gifty stuff and yummy food and beautiful isreali boys who do henna and drinks whenever the heck we wanted. what's not to love? so much inspiration in this little town, regardless of two days of rain. i'll get to the other pix later.

gasc was stressful and exhausting but really, really great. i learned so much from the experience, and have a much better handle on where my current project needs to go. it's gratifying to know i'm on the right track. teaching isn't something i ever wanted to do, but i actually had an amazing time. the students were all receptive to the idea of playing, and i think everyone went home happy.

now it's back to real life, and it's been so hard to get going again on our routine. marc's travel schedule for the next six weeks is once again insane. i have a lady coming over twice a week to hang with the kids while i work, so that should help. i can't wait, to be perfectly honest.

i discovered this morning that i'm burnt out. my life hasn't been my own for seven years and i'm getting frustrated by that. i can't even go to the gym, for pete's sake. we pulled in this morning after dropping henry off at nasa camp and harper said, "fwimming! yay, fwimming!" and i said no, we're gonna play with the kids today. immediate screams from the back seat. you'd have thought i was killing her. she dug in and grabbed onto her seat and wailed. "nooooo!!! no kids! i no like it!!!"

so much for they gym. mommy's destined to be fat until harper leaves for kindergarten, apparently. which just stresses me out all the more.

regardless, i have more to say but i'll leave with this for now. it's long enough ... especially for a post about nothing.

see? anticlimactic.

we're home, we're safe.

those who have emailed us or tried to call - thank you for thinking of us. we're okay.

the bridge collapse in minneapolis is a surreal tragedy. marc and i were washing dishes and happened to have the radio on, which is unusual. we heard the deejay break in and say a bridge collapsed and our initial thought was that a segment of a bridge that's being built gave way. not the case.

as soon as we saw what was going on we started sending out messages to people we thought might have been affected. marc's partner's wife was on the bridge less than five minutes prior, but that's thankfully as close as we've gotten.

so many prayers going up for so many families right now. cha & gasc recaps will have to wait a little longer.