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that's how we roll ...

cha = soooooo much fun
chicago w/ catherine = fun but not worth a night in a scary hotel
saugatuck with catherine = perfection
gasc = um ... jury's still out.
me being away from marc & kids for nine days = heartwrenching

so ready to be home. so ready to head back to my loves tomorrow night.

photos and stories to come. give me until tuesday ... maybe wednesday.

and YAY to my friends susan and eric on the arrival of baby evan!!!!!!!!


gripe, gripe, gripe, whine, whine, whine.

that's what you get from me today. sorry.

marc left yesterday morning for the airport ... was supposed to fly to chicago, have a meeting, have another today, fly home tonight. well, he got there and tried to print out his ticket and ... nothing. no ticket. so he calls me for the confirmation number on his itinerary, calls back 20 minutes later and says that he spaced out and got a ticket for NEXT monday instead of yesterday. so he was driving to chicago.

okay. that sucks for him, but at least he is leaving early enough to make his meeting (a six hour drive, but all he'd miss was hanging out in the red hat office for a few hours).

then he calls last night and breaks this lovely news: his rep in chicago misunderstood marc's plans, or marc spaced yet again and wasn't clear in the first place, but regardless the guy thought marc was in town through wednesday so he booked stuff.

and marc was already scheduled to drive to wisconsin on thursday for a meeting.

see where this is going?

he calls to say he'll now be staying through thursday, will be home late thursday night, and might keep his ticket to chicago next monday and go meet with more clients.

even though we're supposed to leave next tuesday to head to wisconsin so he can attend a meeting on wednesday morning, the kids and i will play at the hotel pool, and then we head on to indy. where i immediately drop them off and turn around and drive three hours BACK to chicago for cha.

apparently, now, i have the kids by myself all week, have to get henry to and from camp every morning, play with them every afternoon, feed them every meal, bathe them every night, put them to bed every night (harper is now refusing to go to sleep until she's hugged and kissed everyone ... which doesn't jive well with one parent being MIA), and THEN finish prepping for cha and my gasc classes. and doing all the laundry and packing to get us ready to be gone for nearly two weeks. not to mention i'll be out most of saturday at kirsten's crop.


and while venting about this lack of help from marc, he mentions that he is now inconvenienced too and has to go buy clothes and underwear for two extra days. boo-friggin'-hoo. he also suggested maybe the kids and i just MEET him in wisconsin on next wednesday ... to "give me an extra day to prepare." by myself. and then drive. by myself. with the kids. for five hours.

my ASS will i do that.

and to top it off, i worked until 1 a.m., decided to postpone a shower till morning so i could get to sleep faster, set the alarm for 7, harper woke up at 2:20 screaming for daddy, and then woke up at 7:02 for the day. shower? um, no.

and neither of my sitters for the summer have worked out, so the idea of help is pffftt!! gone.

where's that brandy for the coffee when i need it??

where is the time going?!

it's july, which means this month:
1. henry attends forensics camp (csi for elementary kids. love it.)
2. cha in chicago next weekend
3. teaching classes at gasc in grand rapids, michigan the weekend after that (i'll be posting stuff about that later.)
4. marc's traveling to wisconsin, chicago, indiana, and gearing up for another week in san jose in august.
5. i get to "thelma and louise" around chicago and michigan with my hilarious friend catherine for four days
6. i have to get thank you cards ready for cha ... so many companies have graciously sent stuff for my classes in michigan and the upcoming canada crop for kids and i want them to know how much i appreciate it. this may call for a run to the lindt store at mall of america for treats to pass out ...

but the first thing to look forward to: a pre-cha crop with my amazingly talented girlfriends, hosted by the gorgeous kirsten hegman (seriously, have you met this girl? stunning. i've always told marc i want to be reincarnated as an asian woman, just to see what it's like to be little and gorgeous. i'm guessing it's pretty fun.) and her company, those were the days. if you're going to be in the minneapolis area this weekend - july 14 - please come and crop with us!! we laugh A LOT when we're together and you'll fit right in. along with kirsten, other friends attending and teaching classes are nisa fiin, kristi contes, sue thomas, christine brown, mitchell kraft ... and i'm sure others. like i said - a blast will be had by all. for more info, check here.

yes, it will be a crazy-busy month. this summer is flyyyyyying past way too quickly. the kids and i have hit the pool only three times so far, which is way below average. maybe in august we can have some normalcy. ha. "normalcy" ... that's funny.

this begs a discussion:

watch. then i'll add thoughts. then you add thoughts. here we go.


there has been such a debate about whether new technology - ie digi photography - is really and truly photography, or is it just graphic art done to such an extreme that a horrible photo can really and truly become a noteworthy one.

i see photographers on various message boards showing their photos that are lovely captures of people or places, but are obviously retouched. portraits, especially. as a mother, i wouldn't want a photo of my child that had been so overly photoshopped that the eyes look glassy and fake and, quite honestly, freaky. and as an aspiring photographer, i am so moved by a gorgeous photo and want to know how it was created, but am even more impressed when it's a true photo ... not something that's been manipulated within an inch of its life to only LOOK fabulous. i don't want to have to learn photoshop to take great photos ... i want to learn my camera and how to properly read exposure and how to understand that relationship between speed and light.

then again, even the masters "cheat." they used to do it by over- or underexposing the plates. they manipulated the developing process on film. i recently attended a national geographic travel photography seminar led by one of my favorite photographers, jim richardson, and saw that even HE chooses to tweak photos to make them more appealing. in one particular photo, one that stunned the socks off of me, he revealed that to create the shot he had set up various hidden light sources, set the timer to 30 minutes, then used a mag light to "paint" on the subject so it appeared supernaturally lit. the resulting photograph was amazing, but "created" nonetheless.

do we just expect this now? that what we see isn't really what we get? can any child look more gorgeous than he or she really is because now mommy can clone out acne or slightly alter eye color or liquify the edges and trim off a few pounds? (a trick i would love to learn ... ha ha)

then again, is it the camera's fault? reviews i read on nearly every slr lead me to believe that they all have a tendency toward underexposure/overexposure/oversaturation/lack of sharpness. otherwise, why would all these parameter options be in the menu of my 20d? do photographers actually NEED photoshop to overcome the shortcomings of digital technology? have photographers forfeited the right to a perfect photo straight out of the camera in favor of faster frames per second or being able to shoot 1000 photos on one memory card versus 36 exposures on a roll of film? or have photographers just learned from digital cameras that no one NEEDS to learn photography anymore because photoshop can salvage nearly everything?

but does this post-processing frenzy we have going on have a place in photography? obviously, it does. art will always be subjective. people will always want to look perfect. the sky will never really be blue enough. and i admit to using tricks now and then to make a photo just that much better, but i'm always happiest when i open a photo and think, "hey ... i don't have to do a thing to this."

what are your thoughts? photoshop as a developing tool or as a photography crutch? a lazy man's way of achieving photographic loveliness or an artist's way of beautifying something that's already beautiful?