i dare you not to laugh.
um, hi.

randomness, illustrated

Cvssmellingflowers 1. when making lunch, be sure to keep an eye on the kitchen table. especially if you've just bought a bouquet of pretty flowers and have a little girl who really wants to smell the flowers. because before you know it, said little girl will be sitting on the table, smelling the flowers, and giggling like mad. and it'll be funny, and it'll be a great photo op, but then the little girl will get very bitter when you remove her from the table and forbid her from climbing up again, even though it was really cute the first time.

Cvsbodyshop 2. when you run out of body wash, make sure it's on a day that you don't have plans to go to target, but rather your morning will be spent at the mall. because then you can go into the body shop and buy some almond shower gel, thereby spending $10 on a small bottle of perfection versus $3 on an economy-sized bottle of something that promises soft and moisturized skin but really just delivers bumps on your arms and itchy legs, shae butter notwithstanding. this will be money better spent, i promise.

Thestory_2 3. remember the little psa i gave you a few months ago, that brandi carlile's new cd would be out soon? okay. it's out. it's great. go buy it. now.

Cvsmario 4. when the ferocious lion is sitting watch, surveying his territory, demanding respect and fear, one must move cautiously and avoid the wrath of the great cat at all costs ... bwahahah ... just kidding. mario got another hair cut. this time they shaved his tail, too. he looks really thrilled, doesn't he? poor kitty ... knocked a little wind out of his sails this time, we did. hee hee.



I am DYING over the cat.
And HArper?
Well she is just too flippin' cute.

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