this is me.
room watch 5.1.07

anticipation ...


(does anyone else remember this song or am i just that old?)

Roomwcarpet i'm sitting here at the computer, watching the clock, eating some amazing leftover gaeng panang (red curry with coconut milk, bamboo shoots, peanuts, thai basil leaves and broccoli, in case you can't translate thai), and eagerly awaiting that knock on the door that says, "hi! i'm the action mover guy! i have your amazingly phenomenally gorgeous and yet highly practical and functional dresser! where would you like it?"

while i want mr. mover guy to show up five minutes ago so i can start putting away 18 months' two weeks' worth of laundry while basking in the beauty that is my new dresser in my freshly painted, no longer purple room, i sort of want him to wait until about 3:00, so harper can get in a nap. i hate the "we'll see you between midnight and 8 p.m" line ... yes, i can so plan my day around that. i did call this morning and the guy said that between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. is most likely, so hopefully it'll be the latter and harper can get some rest.

but regardless of when he arrives, won't it look lovely, sitting in that space on the wall adjacent to the window? there is a 72" clearance between the corner and the other window ... and the dresser is 70.75". coincidence? i think not. and this weekend, the molding between the two wall colors will be added, the new mattress will arrive, i'll start hanging pix, and we'll order the blinds and curtains.

i love it when the end is finally in sight!!

and as soon as this room is done, i'll start writing more pithy and thought-provoking blog material again. right now, i'm preoccupied. you can understand, right? i mean, my room has been the color of a bruise for more than two years. i'm high on white right now.



Looks great Michele! I don't blame you for being impatient. Can't wait to see "your amazingly phenomenally gorgeous and yet highly practical and functional dresser".

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