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i'm ready to go!! (in theory)

tomorrow, baby. me. airplane. cali. cha. yeah. hangin' with friends old and new, pretending i know what i'm doing as i lead a make & take project in the memory makers booth. hoping to snag a ticket to hear martha stewart give the keynote address. (i have connections ... hope they pull through for me! i mean seriously!! martha!!) parties and dinners and cocktails and some rockin' new shoes. (mary jane crocs, army green, for those keeping score.) can't wait.

my project for the memory makers "off the page" class is done ... wanna peek?

Yougivemelove_1 oh, and yeah, becca ... um, surprise. ha ha. guess you'll be getting some mail soon.

excited for the class and to see who all is there. i'm not quite sure what we helpers will be doing, but the project was fun! basic grey and scenic route papers ... how can it not be?

so i think i'm set. clothes are laid out and ready to pack. make and take is prepped and will be bagged - probably on the plane; my row-mates will love me ... maybe they'll be bored and will want to help!

Rsztable_1 and on the home front, my mom will be here tomorrow night to hang out with the kids for the week since marc can't get the time off and who knows what state he'll be called to at the last minute. yay for mom. laundry is (mostly) caught up, cleaners came on wednesday so i can leave in peace, knowing my mom will play with the kids instead of cleaning my bathroom. ha ha. seriously, though - a clean house. wow. might have to talk marc into letting me have alfredo and benita over once a month. they made me happy. look at this place!

so okay, suckas. see you next week!! i can promise you lots of pix and hopefully a good story or two! oh, and did i mention i'm finally going to meet five girlfriends whom i've known online for about eight years? wow. stories galore!!


the cleanest arachnid in minnesota

subtitle: why i put a spider through the spin cycle

one thing you must know about me if this relationship is going to go anywhere is that i am big-time seriously totally and unendingly arachnaphobic. really. i've been known to stake out a corner of the room for hours, watching to make sure the spider didn't adjourn to a secret location in the house, waiting for marc to get home so he and his long tall self could be the spider assassin. i hate them ever so badly.

so tonight i was multi-tasking - talking with my sister on the phone, taking whites out of the dryer, putting darks into the dryer, starting the water for a new load - when i spied a humongous (i mean really - like, 1" in diameter) spider dart across the lip of the washing machine. i tried to smoosh it with the economy-size bottle of gain that i was holding, but the chin-shoulder-phone hold position i was in wasn't conducive to spider smashing and all i ended up doing was knocking the bugger into the washing machine.

shuddering at the thought of that nasty little eight-legged evil doer getting tumbled and hidden in my clothes, i opted to add a little fabric softener, switch the load size to mini, close the lid, and walk away.

spiders can't swim, right?

it's happening again!!!


i posted more than a year ago that i have this tendency to get interested in something, run with it for a little while, then six months to a year later the idea is totally mainstream. and i was way ahead of my time.

it's happening again, and i'm a little frustrated.

two years ago, when preparing a room for my baby-to-be, i got into birds. found bird finialed curtain rods, found some vintage bird prints and knick knacks, bought a bird mobile for her bed. then she was born and displayed this baby bird behavior about eating, so the nickname was earned. then i heard this song called "the littlest birds" on the radio and it became my song for harp. so, birds.

then about six months ago i found a skull and crossbones jibbet for my crocs and was totally into it. what suburban mom puts a skull on her croc? i mean, it's random, right? so i loved it. loved the weirdness of it, loved the edginess of it, loved the "back off - i'm hazardous to your health"ness of it. so, skulls and crossbones.

two of the hottest trends coming into scrapbooking right now? birds - check, skulls/tattoo art - check.

damn. why didn't i put birds on my scrap pages two years ago? why didn't i scrap my skully-cool jibbet six months ago?? i would've been the man!!!

double damn.

now i just look like some lemming trend follower. guess it's time to ditch the skull jibbet for a smiley face and see if i can unknowingly kick off something else ...

today. just. sucks.

harper got up at 6:30. marc was nice enough to get up with her - and henry, who got up about five minutes later - but i didn't fall back asleep, even though i stayed in bed where it was warm.

ran to the eye doctor and forgot that south of the river roads change a little, so i ended up going eight miles out of the way and arriving 10 minutes late.

my astigmatism is getting worse.

marc called to put in an order for chipotle for lunch, so i figured on the way i would stop by the scrapbook store to pick up three things i've been trying to buy for the past week to finish a project. got to the store, found two of the three items (i can't seem to find all three of these things at the same store ever, and in the process have ended up running around to four different store, never buying anything because i keep thinking i'll find them all in one place and can use a coupon. pipe dream, apparently.), but discovered the computer system was down so i couldn't check out.

fifteen minutes later i got the point and left. without items for project that STILL can't be finished.

arrived at chipotle 10 minutes later ... at the end of a line about 20 deep.

the people behind the counter try to whip customers through so quickly that they really have no interest in hearing what your order actually is. they just sort of give you what they think you should have. or at least that was the case with me today. did i get barbacoa beef? no, i got fajita chicken. did i get black beans? no, i got a fajita bol which doesn't include beans. did i get guac? yes, about three cups' full. did i order a chicken fajita bol with a gallon of guac? um, that would be a no. except for the guac, which is a big ol' YES.

got home to find harper already up from her one-hour nap. up for the day before it's even 1 p.m. nice.

ate my customer-apparently-had-no-rights-whatsoever burrito fajita bol.

dreading the idea of taking harper out to get henry from school, swinging by target to get diaper wipes, and then possibly heading to yet another scrap store to find the stuff i need. but i want to have this friggin' project off my plate and move on already. who cares if she's tired and crabby and doesn't want to be schlepped.

oh yeah ... and marc's working tonight till who knows well.

and the crock pot burnt last night's dinner ... that wasn't today, but it still sucks. crock pots aren't supposed to *burn* things. but mine does. every time. think i need a new crock pot.

but i digress ...

today sucks. and it's not even 2:00 yet.


havin' a mighty good giggle right now.

harper woke up from her nap and immediately wanted to go downstairs.
she got downstairs and immediately went over to her selection of dvds.
she immediately selected "birds" (peep) and crawled onto the couch.
we began the show and she immediately scooted off the couch.
and headed up the stairs.
saying "yellow" repeatedly.
so i followed her, having no idea what "yellow" means but assuming it has something to do with a snack.
we get up stairs and she wanders to henry's jar of fruit snacks.
ah, yes. yellow = wild animal fruit snacks.
so i get her a bag, we go back downstairs, restart peep, and she crawls happily onto the couch again, saying "yellow" with a a huge, proud smile on her face.

then she chowed down the fruit snacks. and asked for more.

so i went back upstairs, opened the *gerber* fruit snacks (which she won't eat anymore cuz they aren't sugary enough), dumped them in the wild animal fruit snack bag, went back downstairs, handed them to harper and said, "here. yellow."

and she smiled. and ate them all.

yes, a mighty good giggle.

well, whaddya know.

i had a pretty darn good birthday.

the furnace guy came early, while marc was still home. so marc dealt with him, i got to have a nice phone conversation with a girlfriend (and heather ... no, you are not a schmuck. duh.), then took harper to have her hairs cut. it doesn't take long, but whatever. i hate stringy, straggly, baby hair. and the furnace? there was a blockage. $75. that was it. pshew.

had leftover curry for lunch. harper napped two hours and i got some work done. then marc and the kids gave me my presents - two books, one of which i actually got for xmas but love, so he had the right idea at least (i'll exchange it for something i'll love just as much; maybe this one), and another that i've been meaning to read for a year and am thinking this might be the perfect time.

and my dear, sweet, puts-up-with-a-lot-of-crap husband got me my chickens.
aren't they sweet? about ten years ago i saw these handblown glass beauties in some magazine and tore the page out, with the artist's name and 800 number. i just knew someday i'd have to have these chickens.

well, then we moved to minneapolis and one day i was walking through the galleria, perusing the boutiques, and one in particular caught my eye. i went in and lo! my chickens! and for the past eight years i've been hinting at getting one or two or five. they're not something i'd really buy for myself ... they aren't terribly cheap, and they're just chickens - how do i justify that?? ... but i knew they would make a perfect gift. and they did. after only eight years of subtle and not so subtle hinting. sigh. good boy.

after gift-giving, we took the kids to benihana. they've never before seen an italian chef cook japanese food at our very own table, at which we sat with five other strangers. good stuff. and harper, my goodness ... can that child pack away the shrimp!! wow. who knew?

then we went home, put harp to bed, and dug into that godiva chocolate cheese cake - mine with a sparkler on top, then put the henry to bed and settled down on the couch to FINALLY watch "little miss sunshine." i loved it, marc was ambivalent. typical of most every movie i pick out, but whatever. it's my birthday.

also got some wonderfulness in the mail today. see this?

Sneakpeek_1 this loveliness is a sneak peek at a certain company's new line being introduced at cha. i called said company to see if they would donate product for my make & take at cha and this is what i got!! i also got my hands on some gorgeous strano ribbons and now just need to find or make 150 chocolate brown felt flowers ... intrigued? come see me at the memory makers booth. i'll hook you up. and i'm not sure if i'm at liberty to share publicly who the sponsor is, so if you wanna know and can keep is on the dl, e me.

i know. so mean. but trust me - this line rocketh.

anywho, that was my day. it was good. and i'm now officially closer to my mid-30s than 30 itself. kinda like that line in "when harry met sally": "I'm going to be 30!" "When?" "Someday!" 35 is staring me in the face, which means 40 isn't as far away as i'd like to think. eek. that sounds like drama for another time, peeps.

nighty night.

33 years ago today ...

i was born.
and the world officially said, "um, yeah? so?"

so here it is, my birthday, and i'm celebrating by nursing some painful, pinched something above my shoulder blade, spending the day waiting for the furnace guy to show up ... sometime between 8 and 4 (thanks for the window, dude), and pmsing. we're planning to take the kids to benihana for dinner and a show ... unless the furnace guy shows up at 4:00 and discovers our furnace needs serious attention to fix the slow, leaking water that creeps out of it every night. and marc says he'll swing by cheesecake factory after his meeting to bring home a slice of godiva cheesecake to stick a candle in for me ... the one upside of having pms on your birthday: chocolate never sounded so good.

pretty exciting. not like the old days. no party, no friends, no excitement. but i was given time to shower this morning in peace. that was something.

33 is gonna rock.


january was NOT supposed to start up right where we left off before the holidays!! but damn if it isn't. sigh.

i've been in the process of gearing up for my flight to los angeles for cha in two weeks. stuff to get done, deadlines to meet, make&take to plan, etc. my stress level wasn't too bad until marc brought me this news: the week prior to me flying to california for five days, HE will be flying to cali on sunday, flying from there to north carolina on tuesday, and will get home late thursday night. and i leave saturday morning.

so okay, that sucked.

then i got an email from memory makers regarding a new idea book, and the fact that i could be making many layouts before mid-feb. the work would be stressful, especially with marc's travel and then my travel, but doable. then i found out the layouts have to be IN HAND to mm by feb 15. which means i lose at least a week of work time that i thought i would have post-cha.

that sucked a little more.

and now my daughter, who is on the cusp of turning two, appears to be following in her big brother's footsteps. henry gave up naps the day he turned two and never looked back. and now harper's doing the same thing. she stays awake and babbles and plays in her crib, which is all well and good, but then she doesn't fall asleep. or she does ... at 3 p.m., which doesn't jive with having to go pick up henry at school

this sucks the most.

i can't have her giving up naps now. we both needs them too badly.

and it turns out little miss has an ear infection. the first one of these i've had to deal with in seven years of parenting. henry never got one, and i wouldn't have known harper has one if she hadn't been sticking her finger in her ear and saying, "ear!" and then answering "yes" to "does your ear hurt?" guess that would explain why she didn't sleep at all friday night. poor baby girl.

wish she'd take a nap. what is it with my kids and sleep?! they both avoid it like the plague. granted, i don't require much either. but i require it from THEM. ha.

okay. off to fill the drawers of my varde storage cabinet, which marc finished building yesterday. did i mention i'm finally getting a work space? a space of my very own?! wow. have the cabinets here and ready to paint ... behr cinnamon cherry, to match the couch, countertops will be delivered while marc's in cali, and the freestanding work cabinet is ready to go. just need to order some stuff from pottery barn and i'll be so organized i won't know what to do with myself!

maybe the new space will make up for lost naptime. or will just be salt in the wound, since i won't have any time to *use* it ... hmmm.