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exciting news from designerzine!!

This news release was just sent out by our faboo PR lady, Carla Sylvester. Designers - take note!! If you want to be seen, this is the place to go!


If you’ve ever wanted to display your work to manufacturers, publishers, and others in the industry, here’s your chance! DesignerZine, an online magazine for professional designers, is offering its first Online Designer Showcase from Sept. 25-Oct. 2. 

The event offers craft designers the opportunity to display their work for viewing by industry manufacturers, publishers, television producers, editors and other companies. This provides you the opportunity to make industry contacts, as well as promote and sell your work.

The online showcase is conducted much like similar events that take place at trade shows, where designers set up their own displays and manufacturers browse the designers’ work -- from fabric to paper, beads to clay and everything in between.  (For a more detailed account of one designer’s live showcase experience, see the March issue of DesignerZine.) With the DesignerZine Online Designer Showcase, however, no travel is required! 

Designers may display up to 12 projects. They should have a résumés and head shot, and will be asked to build a backdrop to display their work, just as in a “live” showcase.

Participation is open only to paid subscribers of DesignerZine. If you’re not already a subscriber, you can become one for $50 annually. This makes you eligible to participate in the showcase in a way that is much more affordable than traveling to participate in a “live” showcase. 

The subscription fee includes a full year of DesignerZine’s monthly articles and the designer showcase, plus free online classes, a formal mentor program, classified ads, and a directory of manufacturers who pay endorsement fees to designers. Coming in the near future are a designer gallery and hosting of online résumés.  The forums on DesignerZine are open to subscribers and non-subscribers alike.

For a list of manufacturers who’ve expressed interest in the showcase and to get your questions answered, come visit the DesignerZine forums.

To protect all participants, the online showcase will be by registration/invitation only. Subscribers who would like to participate in the showcase should email Jan Hicks at or R. Lynn Baker at to activate their showcase account. Manufacturers, publishers, editors or company owners who would like to view the showcase should contact Margert Ann Kruljac at or Melony Bradley at


DesignerZine ( is an online magazine for professional craft designers.  DesignerZine strives to be a “one-stop” venue to connect designers to current trends, resources and opportunities in an interactive setting. Services include the delivery of an online magazine, as well as a website that features video reports, audio interviews, message boards, and online chats with industry professionals. DesignerZine’s staff comprises designers and experts from various areas of the industry.


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