Laugh, cry, or drink?
Trippin' down the cobblestones ...

What the hell. All the cool kids are doing it.

I've been blog-surfing today ... we're on Mommy-imposed Hiatus From Life today so Harper can have a nap. The child is five months old and she's already on nap protest for her crazy schedule. So today we do nothing so Little Miss can sleep. But I digress ...

I've been blog-surfing today and noticed a trend: all the cool girls are playing a game of tag revolving around listing five random facts in your personal blog. So, fine, I'll play too. What the hell.

5. I don't like scrambled eggs. I don't like ketchup. But I'll only eat scrambled eggs if they have ketchup on them.

4. I could eat Asian/Thai/Indian food every day. Love it.

3. I swear a lot in my head. Like, fluently. But to make my hubby happy ... and to NOT raise kids who talk that way ... I do a lot of self-editing. Unless I'm driving on the highway, and then all bets are off.

2. I know all the words to a few Eminem songs.

1. I used to be an outgoing, extrovert, PR/writer babe always on the lookout for a good time. Now I'm shy, introverted, cautious, and reserved. Anyone want to figure that one out?

... and a bonus: I refuse to eat pickle butts. The one truly romantic thing Marc has ever done for me in the 12 years we've been together? When I was pregnant with Harper I had a gherkin-craving. Marc got me a bowl-full and cut off every pickle butt. I was so amazed that he remembered my quirk and actually acted upon it that I cried. And took a photo of those poor buttless mini dills.

There's a layout in there just dying to get out.



The whole cool thing? Come spend a day at my house. Your definition of cool will be greatly diminished.


that is seriously a sweet pickle story. i feel the same way every time my hubby brings me home a random can of Pepsi....


Hmmmm my 5 month old is doing the same thing. We did the whole "not-seeing-human-life-or-outside-the-front-door" thing for a few days this week. Today I actually saw a teensy bit of progress.

I think she just thinks she's such a big kid now, naps are boring. ;)


OMG..that was so funny about the buttless pickles!! Love it...
and you don't have to be cool to play that you did it anyway :)



Lovin' the blog girl, glad a finally found you. I'm now officially two months an escapee from Scrapbooks Too employment! Yippee! And I also just moved to the 'burbs last week. So we HAVE to get together! The pickle butts had me laughing out loud and it takes alot to get me laughing out loud!

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