It's begun.
Operation: Delta Get to Trouble

Think Faith Popcorn has a job for me?

I've noticed a trend in my life: I seem to always be three steps ahead of the "next big thing," yet I either never do anything about it, or by the time it becomes big no one seems to know or remember that I was doing it/talking about it/using it weeks/months/years ago.

* In high school, I got the idea to trim the bottom edge of my jeans with eyelet lace. Anyone seen any embellished hems recently?

* When I started scrapping four years ago, I used string on my very first layout. Did I think to submit the idea to any magazines? Did I post on any boards? Not for another year would it occur to me to do either.

* Two years ago I briefly thought, "Stencils! That would be cool on a LO!" Then I never bought any, didn't try it, and now look at the stencil trend. Another little thing I used on a page back then? Parentheses. And now? That little {} is everywhere!

* Two years ago I told Marc, "I'd like to start a scrap web site, but instead of having retail back-end I would offer kits. A design team would use the kit and then for that month only the kit would be available for sale." But at the time we didn't have the money or space to start something. Several months later, BOOM. Kit clubs.

* When Marc and I got married in '96, I wanted cobalt blue and sun yellow/periwinkle and butter. It was nowhere to be found, so we registered for lots of khaki. Six months later? Everything was cobalt ... periwinkle ... yellow. And since then, that has happened several times with color. Pink and brown? Did that four years ago. Orange? So last year. I was talking about this with someone the other day and she said, "What do you like now?" I said, "Eggplant and celery or a nice golden maize." You watch ... within a year there will be lots of eggplant, maize, and celery.

*Also about two and a half years ago I had a thought for a scrapbooking idea book based on interior design. I talked to a couple of girls who were on a design team with me at that time and they loved the idea ... finding your scrapping style through your home style, etc. And then a little later ... Chatterbox came out with Scrapbook Interiors. And the Two Peas creating garden theme this month? Interior design!!!

Bleh. I need to start listening to my own ideas and intuition and start putting myself out there more!!! One of these days I'm going hit on something pretty phenomenal and it's going to slip through my fingers.


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