Mishaps, merriment, and missed opportunities
Laugh, cry, or drink?

My boys are trying to kill me.

You might think I'm exaggerating, but I'm not. I'm quite serious. They apparently want me to keel over from a heart-attack.

Twice in the last week I've had near-death-experiences thanks to my male counterparts.

Last Monday I was downstairs playing with Harper, and Marc said he was off to get a haircut. Henry was upstairs getting dressed and came running down just as Marc was going up the stairs. Henry was wearing a sweatshirt - in 80 degree weather. Marc said he'd get Henry changed before he left and they both went upstairs. I played with Harper for about 20 more minutes before I realized Henry never came back down. I looked in his room, in the living room, on the deck, in the front yard, in his playroom downstairs just in case I missed him coming down. He was nowhere.

At this point I was getting frantic so I called Marc's cell to see if he knew where Henry was. He didn't answer, didn't answer, didn't answer. Finally on the sixth call in a row he picked up. I asked where Henry was and Marc said he was there with him. I broke into sobs immediately. He never came down to say good-bye, never told me he was taking Henry. The last I knew he was going to get a t-shirt for Henry and then H was goign to play with his cars. Marc of course apologized and felt horrible, then said he assumed I'd know Henry was with him. No no no, buddy boy ... you don't assume stuff like that with a MOM!

Then today my genius son decides he wants to play electrician. See, for some reason the power in our laundry room completely died yesterday afternoon. By this morning Henry had had enough fo that, so he went into the laundry room, opened the circuit box, and started flipping breakers. HUH?! Where does a five-year-old learn this? Marc swears he's never worked on teh ciruits with Henry around. I was sitting at my desk and started hearing all of Marc's computers beeping (they are on their own circuit, naturally) and ran to the laundry room to see what H had touched (I'd seen him follow the cat in there). I had to drag it out of him that he'd flipped the breakers. He got a good whack on the rump for that one. Two, in fact.

What is it with those two? Do they really think I can take anything?! Sheesh!

Oh, and did I mention Henry opened teh dishwasher while it was running tonight and got a face full of steam? Or that Marc has been gone the last two nights? I can't take anything else!!


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