My boys are trying to kill me.
What the hell. All the cool kids are doing it.

Laugh, cry, or drink?

It's been one of those days. No, wait ... it's been one of those WEEKS.

Monday Marc came home with a migraine and went straight to bed for the rest of the night. No break from the kids.

Tuesday Marc had to do a contract job after his real job, so he didn't get home until around 2 a.m. No break from the kids. Even worse, it was a gym camp day which means Harper had no real nap (15 minute catnaps in the car don't count) and was a little nightmare by 6 p.m. Which means we didn't get to tae kwon do.

2 a.m., when Marc got home, he got in the shower. Which woke up Harper. And she was then up until 4:30. Then she got up again at 6. Then Henry got up around 7:30. And I hadn't gone to bed Tuesday night until 11 ... can't sleep when Marc isn't home. So today started with one big ugh.

Then it was another gym day, i.e. no nap again for Miss H. She was fine this morning (she didn't wake until 10) until we went to the park at 11. For an hour she fussed and whined and crabbed. We finally left for gym camp and she fell asleep in the car. I ended up driving for 40 minutes after dropping off Henry so she'd get in a fairly decent nap. Had to run errands (pick up photos, return some stuff, go to the bank and post office) and after the first one she started crying, then screaming, then screaming so hard she was choking herself. Needless to say I got only two errands done, and people were looking at me like, "Why are you letting her scream like that?" What people don't understand is Harper hates her carseat, her stroller, and anything that requires her to be away from home. Anyway, we picked up Henry and she babbled to him in the car and seemed happy so I tried to run one more errand. Nope. She wasn't having it. So we came home, I tried to get her down for a nap (this is about 4 p.m.) and she finally cried herself out at 4:45. So, no tae kwon do AGAIN. Starting to wonder why we pay $125 a month for something we get to about half the time. Poor Henry. 5:30 she woke up SCREAMING. Now I'm wondering if she's working on teeth or what ... this is so unlike her, unless a summer (basically her whole lifetime) of no real schedule or routine is just finally wearing her out.

During this time that she's trying to cry herself down for a nap, I realize I can hear Henry screaming and sobbing. Run downstairs to find out what happened, thinking he broke a favorite Star Wars guy or accidentally gouged himself in the eye with a Lego. Nope, he was just sad and mad and totally pissed off that I hadn't told him when quiet time was over. The child is completely, utterly, absolutely incapable of entertaining himself. He'd rather lay on his floor and watch the hour tick by on the clock than, heaven forbid, use his imagination. So that led to a big discussion about quiet time, the rules, his toys, and my unwillingness to buy him anything ever again until he can show us he actually can PLAY like a normal child.

Oh, and while I was putting Harper down for her pseudo-nap, Henry was lurking outside her room with a fruit roll-up that he needed help getting off the plastic sheet ... regardless of the fact that he had neither asked permission for a snack nor remembered the rule of staying away from Harper's room while I'm trying to get her to sleep.

By the time Marc got home at 6 I was ready to blow. So what did I do? I vacuumed. How totally fracked up am I?! (Yes, I've been watching Battlestar Galactica with Marc. I'm not allowed to use the real F word, so I've borrowed from his show. That'll teach him to censor me!! bwahahahaha!) Thank goodness the kiddos are finally asleep, we finally got to eat dinner ... at 9 p.m. ... and my day is finally over.

My good thing for the day/week? (Trying to keep mindful of my good things on a daily basis) Harper can now sit like a pro!! Has been since Sunday. Way to go, P.Nutty!!



I say drink, then I can walk over and join you. I have been entertained by your blog, and everyone else's too. I just wish I could have one, speak the truth and not get fired or have anyone really dioslike me. SO anyway back to this drinking t hing. Tom has been traveling for the last three weeks and I think I am going to lose my mind. So I can totally understand. But hang in there, just think when she is 13 she'll get hormonal!!! Susan


oh my gosh- she is adoarble and you have to bring her into the studio! because you gotta.

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