Trippin' down the cobblestones ...
So, let me get this straight:

I don't understand

... why the words "mandatory evacuation" are met with a deaf ear.

... why those who are unable to heed the "mandatory evacuation" due to medical/financial/transportation matters are not given greater assistance getting out.

... why we spend time, money, and risk to human life rescuing those who choose not to leave.

... why a MAJOR city, built below sea level, never had a group of people address the worst case scenario and come up with solutions and then implement them, or at the very least have a worst case scenario game plan ready to implement in the eventuality that tragedy would occur.

... why people with children choose to stay in harm's way.

... why hotels charge refugees who have nothing.

... why people with millions and billions of dollars do so little, yet total strangers who have very little will give all they can.

... why we have hundreds of thousands of troops off fighting an unwinnable war when we could use their help so badly here at home.

... why the NATIONAL GUARD comprises much of those troops who are abroad, when one of their principle duties is to homeland rescue and assistance Remind me again the definition of "national," Mr. Bush?

... why average citizens need to walk around with guns, especially when tensions are so high and people are so desperate.

... why the police aren't protecting the people and National Guard members aren't out in force to do search and rescue.

... why people would watch this hurricane grow for days and target their region and yet decide that it's a "cry wolf" situation.

... so much about this whole tragedy.

I've never felt so sad. Or helpless. Or outraged. Or mystified. Or blessed.

I am blessed that I have a home. I am blessed that I have my family. I am blessed to have food in the fridge, water in the faucet, clothes in the closet. I am blessed to have money in the bank. I am blessed to live in an area that doesn't get natural disasters of any magnitude. I am blessed to have a good night's sleep. I am blessed with laughter. I am blessed with easy communication. I am blessed with health and cleanliness. I am blessed with the ability to give to my children. I am blessed that my bad day involves nothing more serious than cranky children, crummy naps, and a hot crowded room full of eager kindergartners and their parents getting to know a new room and teacher. I am blessed with the ability to feel perspective and relativity from the good side. I am blessed. And I am endlessly thankful.


sherry steveson

YOu have some interesting points. It was nice to read your blessings. I feel the same way.

Kelly Edgerton

I like your list of blessings.I had to laugh at the kindergarten comment. When mine were in kindergarten, I considered myself blessed that they were finally in school!


We are blessed with so many things we take for granted, aren't we?

Tammy (Marajo119)

Michele - a I agree with so many of your points. It's refreshing to hear someone speak their mind and be as frank as I am! Thanks for sharing your list. :)


Ran across your blog after checking out your stuff cause you're in NIsas new CJ with me!! YEAH!!

And, I have to say that I completely agree with EVERY SINGLE THING you just wrote. I have been wondering the same things. And though I may be able to understand why people become complacent and think "Oh, we've had hurricanes before, this won't be bad" I have a difficult time feeling for those that chose not to get out. Now those that couldn't get out, that's a different story. And you don't EVEN want me to get started on Bush, and Iraq. Sorry for the long reply! :)

Amy Beatty

I felt this way about the evacuation intially. I mean, if you saw the pictures of Katrina on the weather channel before she made land fall, if you saw that the storm was not just red, it was PURPLE, how could you not want to get out of its way? But what if you didn't have a tv to see this? What if you didn't have a car to get out of New Orleans? What if you didn't have another place to go or money for a hotel? Society let some of these folks down.

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