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our inn. we were in the second floor, last room on the right. marc's still sleeping in there ...

neat old tree in the backyard of the inn.

we tried to do some shopping on wednesday to stay out of the rain, but the downfall of that plan was having to run back to the car. in the rain. not good.

we stopped at an amazing gallery, the fine line, in ephraim to wait for the rain the pass. the work inside was just amazing. this train depot was made of found objects, and the detail was spectacular.

if i'd had $500 in my pocket, this piece would have come home with me. from three feet away, it looked like a watercolor of a dense woods. upon closer look, the whole thing was created by layers of threads, ribbons, and fibers. stunning.

another fiber piece. this artist is a genius.

loved this painting, too.

and this, too. i'm always drawn to paintings that look lonely, desolate, rural, a little run-down. there's probably some psychological reasoning for that.

see what i mean?

the colors in this were amazing.

as were these. i want this above my pinot noir-red couch.

how much do you love this sculpture?

me, too.

giving up on the idea that the rain was ever going to stop, we decided to call it a day and drive to sturgeon bay to see a movie.

which was probably the right call.

view from our room on thursday, just before we checked out. sigh.

walking down the stairs from our room.

goodbye, sweet inn. you were lovely.

(a little product placement ...)

day three: more hats. i liked that this one said "mental," and that marc was the one wearing it.

we found marc's size. around the corner we found some in my size: youth.

rastamarc. marcafarian.

having a hogan's heroes moment.

thursday was bittersweet. bitter, because we had to starting heading back to reality. sweet, because it was by far the best food day. lunch at the cookery in fish creek was, hands down, one of my top five restaurant meals of all time. roasted veggie quesadillas and a shared plate of eggplant fries. oh my ... those fries will haunt my dreams.

oh, and marc had a salmon sandwich with homemade potato salad and roasted applesauce. he said his meal was pretty top notch, too.

this place would be worth a return trip, even if door county itself was not. (though it totally is, too.)

more product placement.

what a pretty place. i could pack up and move to fish creek tomorrow. yup.

front porches kill me. i want one desperately.

founders square.

what got me all fired up about door county in the first place was reading lavyrle spencer's book "bittersweet" in high school. the way she described this place was too enticing, and, as it turns out, spot on. this inn was the inspiration for that book.

when can i move in?

what was most appealing to me was the way all the houses were set back in their own little glen of yellow and orange trees. way too perfect.

leaving the relaxing part of our vacation behind, we ended up in elkhart lake, wisconsin, on friday so marc could have his day at driving school. again ... rain. all day. and not quite 40 degrees. awesome.

suiting up for his first event: the four mile track, full of twists and turns. he hit about 110 mph on wet pavement, and was disappointed he couldn't safely go faster.

i love you, too.

and they're off.

i got to ride along with a professional driver a time or three. it was definitely a thrill.

the agility course. marc impressed everyone by nailing a hairpin turn and squealing the tires. all the guys were impressed with anyone who could burn out.

look at that face. happiness.

yes, the weather was just as crappy as it looks. crappier, in fact.

our crew chief, nick something. a semi-pro racer from california. i found his resemblance to michael phelps to be disconcerting, as well as amusing.

getting the lowdown on the drag strip.

marc and the guys, watching cars go fast.

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